Get the opinion you need from top-notch US board-certified Specialists.

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U.S. Board Certified Second Opinion

When it comes to health and receiving proper treatment, obtaining multiple opinions on your diagnosis is crucial.

We provide you with this opportunity through our Second Opinion feature, connecting you with Board-Certified Specialists from the United States.

Who make those opinions?

DrOnline offers U.S. Board Second Opinions provided by a team of Board-Certified Specialists from the United States. We offer a wide range of specialists from various medical categories to provide you with the best possible opinions

Second opinion contains:

  • Written answer on your request
  • Video call with Specialist

Have you decided to schedule the second opinion?

Gain opinion in 5 short steps:

  • 1
    Fill out the form
    Upload your first opinion Specialist's report, provide a summary of your case from your perspective, and enter your email. Then, click to proceed.
  • 2
    Proceed payment
    You'll see a screen confirming that your request was successful
  • 3
    Wait for response
    A Specialist will get back to you within 3 to 5 business days with their opinion and share their availability for a video call
  • 4
    Schedule a visit with a Specialist
  • 5
    Video call with Specialist

Do you have more questions?

Ask about anything, send us a message, we will help you to make a decision.

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